Toshi's Writing Process

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As a freelance writer, Toshi has to juggle multiple projects at once in order to make ends meet. The process hasn’t changed much over the 200 years since the Withering. A job prompt is taken and Toshi and client agree on a fair price per word, and final word count target. From there Toshi writes up an outline of the project, which is given to the client for review and sent back to Toshi. Once Toshi has an approved outline he sets to work getting the first draft done, then it goes through an edit phase on his end. Second drafts are sent to the client. In a good situation Toshi doesn’t have to do much else, and the check is cut. However, life is never that fair. The review process is usually a long and arduous process with multiple revision passes before the client is happy. When Toshi has demanding clients with a hard deadline, his hermit-like nature goes to an extreme. Disturbances of any kind can make Markesha’s father a grumpy bear when he’s neck deep in deadlines. (From Ep 3 Act 1 Page 5)