Moving In Outer Trinity

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The process of moving in Outer Trinity is a frustrating process. Large items of furniture are hard to maneuver through buildings, as the organic growth of architecture changes from year to year. You could get a couch, move it in without much issue and then find the once roomy stairwell smaller and impassible a few months later. Due to these frustrations furniture producers have created modular pieces that break down and are easy to move. Orson Stykes and his team have moved their safehouse location so many times that the process has become second nature to them. Everything they own must be portable, compact and easy to reassemble. This becomes harder with the multitude of tools that Audrey Dalma needs in order to do her work, but her inventive mind has found ways to work around the problem - including building the cart used to haul equipment. (From Ep 3 Act 1 Page 3)